Celebrate Lakeside...In an Extraordinary Historic Setting!

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  • A $500.00 deposit plus an initial rental payment is required to secure your facility reservation
  • Tables and chairs are included in the rental price
  • We have 22 long rectangle tables 72"L x 30"W x 29"H
  • We have 10 square card tables 34”x 34”
  • We have 5 round 48” tables
  • We have 12 60” Tables
  • We have 6 round cocktail highboy tables.  
  • We have 100 banquet style chairs, and 30 banquet church chairs
  • We have 120 white folding chairs for indoor/outdoor use
  • Seated dinner can accommodate 100

You may bring in your own caterer and have full use of facilities. The kitchen must be cleaned and trash taken out before you leave. 

You may provide your own bar for your guests 21 years of age or older. This area must be cleaned and any recycling taken out at the conclusion of your event.

Please, NO decorations on the ceiling or walls. You may not use nails, tape, double sided tape and/or anything that damages or alters the building in any way.  Doing so could void your deposit. You may decorate the door frames, the porch, and hang lights on the railing.

If any furniture is taken outside it must be returned inside before you leave. 

Please do not throw rice, confetti, or any non-biodegradable materials during a wedding.  

Single Day Rental  
The rental of the house is a single day rental. Tuesdays through Thursdays are available from 11am-9pm. Fridays and Saturdays are available from 11am-11pm. Sunday rentals are available from 11am-9pm.

The Lake House at Avondale cannot accept deliveries or store items before or past the date you have specifically rented.  We are unable to accommodate rental or delivery companies who supply chairs, flatware, plates, linens, and tents etc. who schedule deliveries the day before or pick up the day after your rental date.  Storage and cleanup of these items is solely the responsibility of the renter and the Lake house at Avondale cannot be responsible for them unless specific arrangements are made with one of the property managers.  Please check with your vendor’s hour of operations as many are not open or do not make pickups on Sundays.  

Lake House Exit Responsibilities

  • All doors must be locked
  • All trash and recycling must be removed
  • All lights and kitchen equipment turned off
  • Any items brought outside must be brought back inside
  • The carpet does not need to be vacuumed, but all food must be picked up
  • Any debris on the lawn, porch, patio and parking lot must be picked up
  • Any items brought onto the property must be removed
  • Any damage to the facility, or malfunction of equipment or property which may result in damage must be reported to the Facility Manager at 404-617-6266

Failure to comply with any of the above may result in forfeiture of part or all of your deposit.

Rental Rate for Tues. - Thurs.


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Rental Rate for Sunday


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