Celebrate Lakeside...In an Extraordinary Historic Setting!

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Single Day Rental  
The rental of the house is a single day rental.Tuesdays through Thursdays are available from 11am-9pm. Fridays and Saturdays are available from 11am-11pm. Sunday rentals are available from 11am-9pm.

The Lake House at Avondale Estates cannot accept deliveries or store items before or past the date you have specifically rented. We are unable to accommodate rental or delivery companies who supply chairs, flatware, plates, linens, and tents etc. who schedule deliveries the day before or pick up the day after your rental date.  Storage and cleanup of these items is solely the responsibility of the renter and the Lake House at Avondale cannot be responsible for them unless specific arrangements are made with the property manager. Please check your vendor’s hour of operations as many are not open or do not make pickups on Sundays.

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For Rental Information and Reservations, please fill out the form on the left and someone will contact you directly.

Rental Rate for Tues. - Thurs.


Rate for 2023


Rental Rate for Friday


Rate for 2023


Rental Rate for Saturday


Rate for 2023


Rental Rate for Sunday


Rate for 2023